/ How to melt a samovar on the wood

How to melt a samovar on the wood

The rules of the samovar firebox on the wood

Russian man since childhood is familiar with an amazing device - a samovar. Folklore, prose, poetry and other cultural works immerse each of us in a wonderful world, where he is at the head of any table.

Despite modern technology, many people still have samovars. Someone stores the symbols of hospitality in the country, some hid them in the basement or garage. But none of their owners would have refused the opportunity on the occasion of drinking the most delicious tea from a samovar.

It's time to do it! And we will be happy to help with advice.

What and how best to heat a samovar

What and how best to heat a samovar

Imagine that you have never drowned it or forgot how to do it properly. That is what our advice will focus on. We invite you to plunge into the world of primordially Russian traditions for a while!

The first and most important stage in the samovar kindling is preparatory. Without the right materials and available tools, even a professional kindler will not be able to cope with this difficult task. Therefore, prepare everything you need and do not forget to wash the samovar, if you have not used it for a long time.

For a successful kindling will need:

  • torch;
  • bark;
  • coal;
  • paper;
  • cones;
  • water.

And, of course, prepare the brewing of delicious tea.

Fuel for kindling may be different - each has its own preferences. We stopped on charcoal and wood from an apple tree. Mills also choose wood chips, bark, splinters, or cones. All this is great for samovar kindling.

Sometimes there are options for using paper or charcoal. But we advise you to choose natural materials, because they make tea especially fragrant and tasty.

How to melt a samovar on the wood

Rules samovar kindling firewood

After completing all the preparatory actions at the previous stage, proceed to the process of the samovar kindling.

First you need to fill the tank with water. We recommend the use of spring or well - it enhances unity with nature, recalls the age-old Russian traditions and, of course, makes tea much tastier.

Secret: how to speed up the samovar? If you are going to tea a small company, and your samovar is large enough, we recommend filling the tank only half. For example, a six-liter device, filled to the middle, will generously treat five to six people with a mental drink. Preparing for tea drinking will be not only quick, but also economical in terms of material consumption.

Ensure that the water covers the widest part of the flame tube. Otherwise there is a risk of overheating of the samovar. This will not prevent your cozy gatherings, but can greatly affect the further operation of the device. Also be sure to close the lid after filling the tank with water.

Check the surface on which the samovar stands. It should not be flammable. A dry tree is definitely not suitable - too risky. It is equally important that the tabletop is smooth. Safety is paramount, do not neglect it.

Now you can proceed to the kindling. Put the coals on the grate of a hot pot. Then add a little birch bark, cook a splinter and start to kindle.

Secret: for more effective kindling, set fire to small splinters before laying in the brazier, and not after.

When the process is "started", start gradually adding the following portions for ignition. Pay attention: the jug should not be completely filled with torch and bark. Otherwise, the fire can go out, and then you have to start all over again.

There is fire, the surface is hot. What's next? It's time to add some firewood.

When the samovar is completely melted, as indicated by intense burning, install a flue pipe. This will increase traction.

Secret: to improve traction, place the samovar at a distance from the ground. Perfect stone or concrete block with a smooth surface, as well as granite countertops.

Steam from a samovar - the main signal to start brewing tea. 

Inflating a samovar with a boot is an essential sacrament of Russian tea drinking

Inflating a samovar with a boot

or grandchildren have seen this only in cartoons or read in fairy tales. Surprise them!

Our ancestors used the most common officer's boots for this method. Of course, it was used solely for the purpose of kindling a samovar, no one put shoes on it. But this does not diminish the impressive effect.

The inflating boot should be made of chrome leather. It does not have an insole, because it can catch fire from an accidentally sparking spark during inflation. But the skin itself does not just catch on fire and does not deteriorate.

But how was the boot used anyway? If the coals burned badly, they put it on the chimney. Then they began to gradually lower and sharply lift, holding the sole. Actions resembled the principle of a pump or an accordion. They forced the oxygen to move more actively through the pipe, which led to increased combustion.

Inflating a samovar with a boot is not an easy way. But only he learned Russian traditions during the samovar kindling, who learned this unusual interaction. Try it and you! Even if it does not work out, good mood is guaranteed to you and all those present.

How to sink a samovar with pine cones

The rules of the samovar firebox pine cones

Real connoisseurs prefer to use cones for kindling a samovar. When burning, they emit amazing flavors, with which, among other things, the water is saturated. Many melters say that tea from a samovar, which was melted by cones, has a unique taste. Those who managed to verify the statement in practice, confirm: it is really true.

But this kind of kindling method also has disadvantages. For example, bad buds light up. Sometimes you have to seriously tinker, so that they finally take up fire.

Experienced connoisseurs of samovars know that this material is not used as the main fuel. Usually the bumps are sent to the pipe already during active burning. With this method, the process does not cause unnecessary trouble and practically does not differ from the kindling of wood.

Often enough three or five things to achieve the very flavor. We recommend choosing medium size bumps and determining the quantity based on the size of your samovar.

Sometimes instead of cones, juniper branches and other types of fragrant wood are used. The effect will be no less impressive. Be sure to try!

Secrets of the correct furnace

Secrets of the correct firebox samovar

The most important moment in the samovar kindling is the choice of materials for fuel.

Many experts in the field of samovar production praise charcoal very much. During their burning heat is concentrated in the lower part of the pipe. In this case, the upper part heats up noticeably weaker. This helps to heat the water in the tank faster and to use the samovar construction more carefully.

Secret: with this method of firebox, an interesting chemical process occurs - convection. The water is heated at the bottom and rises up. At the same time the cold layer of liquid goes down. Thus, water of different temperatures is mixed and heated evenly.

When the previous stage is over, the samovar is on fire, another question may arise. How to properly maintain burning in the already melted samovar?

To improve traction, a smoke pipe is installed on the samovar.

Secret: we recommend not to put the burner on the burning device so that it does not start smoking.

After boiling water you need to remove the flue pipe, and close the top with a special lid to stop the processes of boiling and burning.

How to make tea on a wood samovar

How to make tea on a wood samovar

When the steam went out of the steam boiler, you can make tea. In the case of a samovar, this is a whole art.

After that, when the water stopped boiling and the burning stopped, you can set the samovar on the table and substitute the drip. He will collect water, which will begin to drip from the spout after pouring the tea. Real connoisseurs wash her hands after eating.

We recommend not to fill the tea with boiling water. The optimum fluid temperature for proper brewing should not exceed 95 degrees.

Remember that the main point of all the action - the enjoyment of tea. Therefore, choose the best varieties of those that you have in the house. And take care of the proper brewing process. Otherwise, why did you spend so much time and effort on the proper kindling of a samovar?

Do not limit yourself to tea drinking alone. Surely you have collected a spiritual company, which is not going to disperse after one cup.

Cook the pancakes. Offer guests jam, honey, sour cream. For a change, place a plate of candy and cookies on the table. Think over the more original dishes for tea: rolls, buns, pies, profiteroles and all-all-all that else comes to mind. The task of the owners is not only to properly melt the samovar and make delicious tea. The most important thing is to please friends and loved ones.

Prepare in advance for such a significant traditional Russian feast, and then all those invited will be satisfied. And, as you know, satisfied guests come only from good and hospitable hosts!

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