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Recipes of preparation of drinks


To prepare hot fragrant popular drink of water, honey, spices and herbs - sbitnya - served sbitenniki. This drink was popular in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Sbitenschiki raznosili tasty hot drink and shouted: "Do not drink beer mug, vypey sbitnya to polushku." Recipes sbitnya - somewhat. The site offered the most common at the time of them.

1. Sbiten Russian (the first recipe) One liter of water, one hundred grams of honey, fifty grams of sugar, 0.3 grams of cinnamon, mint 0.2 grams, 0.2 grams of cloves, 3 grams hops. Boil 10-15 minutes, removing the foam. Give a drink stand about 30 minutes, strain. Drink hot.

2. Sbiten Russian (second recipe) One liter of water, 0.5 cups of sugar, 150 grams of honey, 2 bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom - to taste. Prepare as well.

3. Sbiten strawberry Two kilograms of honey, five liters of water, eight grams of strawberry juice. All boil about 2 hours, pomeshivaya and removing the foam, strain. You can use strawberries instead of the other berries.

Try to make this drink, do not regret it.

Teas with grasses

Who does not ever try tea with mint! And as aroma and the taste of tea with the addition of Melissa! At tea the drink throughout the century, adding all kinds of plants (leaves, fruit, berries) - aromatic, therapeutic and medicinal. They not only give a drink unique aroma and flavor, but also increase the usefulness.

A couple of recipes, both new and little-known, forgotten.

You can brew tea in conjunction with grass or in a tincture of herbs, berries and fruits separately. If you do not know the conditions of the collection of raw materials, we insist it separately, you can even boil thoroughly or cook in a water bath.

Different plants best combined with a certain type of tea. For example, jasmine has its good quality green tea and orange peel - with black. Selection of combinations of teas and plants must meet certain tastes, habits, health status. Use at least the same tutsan. With increased pressure or high nervous excitability to use it is not recommended. Mint acting sedative.

Tea with the addition of herbs and industry issues.

Drink this tea from porcelain dishes with the usual table decorations. However, in this case should take into account a combination of additives to tea with the taste of food on the table. They must conform to complement each other and not be antagonists. For example, orange tea does not fit well with dairy products and a well with dry biscuits. Not to dry and preserve it. By tea with mint well lodge sandwiches with cheese and crackers.

Tea balms

Tea balsams of two components - a black tea plus a collection of herbs, fruit, leaves of a single plant - the most popular and easy to prepare. As the aromas than jasmine and roses, are commonly used mint leaves, black currant, thyme, linden flowers, orange peel. Of the additives that are more likely curative, preventive value, often used zveroboya grass, leaves of wild strawberry, raspberry.

The optimum ratio of components in a "simple" balzamah chosen to taste. While it is not defined, the fees are kept separate from the tea.

Balsams drink tea without sugar. Sladkoezhkam recommended to replace him raisins or dried apricots.

Here are a few recipes.

The aroma of the field. Is mixed to 1 part zveroboya, marjoram, nettle leaves and 1 / 2 of black tea. Wormwood and tansy are added to taste.

Sweet. At the 7 table spoons of black tea (Georgia) added one and a half teaspoons of dried flowers marjoram, mint, chamomile chemist, mixed in equal quantities.

Health. Dry black tea (10 parts) is connected with mint leaves (2 parts), a grass pustyrnika (2 parts), and valerian hawthorn berries, fruits dogrose (1 part).

Warming. The 10 parts of black tea is added 2 parts grass zveroboya, 2 leaves of mint, 1 part leaf and chabretsa. Valerian root.

Tea with Jasmine. In. Home-prepared from the calculation: in 8 of tea (preferably the highest quality) - Part 2 of dried jasmine flowers.

Jasmine tea is collected during the active flowering, on a hot day. Leaves soaked in water, and then splits into a clean cloth and zavyalivayutsya.

Tea with a rose. Red rose petals zavyalivayutsya and connect with the black tea at a cost of: 2-3 petal 4 teaspoons.

Tea with Jasmine (or rose) is stored in glass jars, tightly closed.

Tea drinks

Grog. In a glass of strong tea svezhezavarennogo soluble sugar (to taste), add teaspoon of cognac and dining room - the Roma. Drunk hot.

Milk grog. At 100 g of milk and strong tea mixed with 10 g of sugar syrup is not bringing heat to a boil, add 50 g of the Roma (brandy), and immediately bring to the table.

Hunter punch. Mix 150 g of strong tea, 75 g of dry red wine, 40 grams of sugar, 10 g of lemon juice and lemon peel, heat does not bring to a boil and add 30 g of the Roma. Punch you can drink and cold.

Tea punch. Mix 50 g Roma, 150 g of water and 1 egg yolk. Add one bag of tea and bring to a boil.

Naval punch. Mix 150 g of red and white dry wine, 100 grams of strong tea, 25 g of lemon juice and lemon peel. Bring to a boil and add 50 g of the Roma (brandy).

An ancient recipe of tea. Mix 3 parts of strong tea, 1 part honey and 1 part vodka. The drink is brought to a boil. Served in small cups.

Tea with red wine. In a hot cup of strong tea is poured glass (30-35 g) of dry red wine or red port.

Orange tea. In a saucepan put 25 g and 10 g of orange lemon cake, 25 g of dried black tea, poured in 50 g of orange syrup. All filled with 1 liter of boiled water and insists 5 min.

Tea with a black currant. 150 g black currant juice mixed with 4 tablespoons of good tea broth and 6 tablespoons of vanilla syrup. All protsezhivaetsya and diluted with hot water.

Apple tea. In the glass with 50 g of apple juice is poured in 150 g of hot strong tea.

Tea in Dutch. Four teaspoons of tea zavarivayutsya 400 g of boiling water. Separately prepared 400 g of cocoa (without milk). It poured tea and 100 grams of orange syrup, all razmeshivaetsya (better - in the mixer). Poured on chashkam drink posypaetsya chocolate (50 grams).

Tea with milk and spices. Polulitrom brought to boiling water with cinnamon (2 Bouton) and ginger root (piece) filled 3 teaspoons zavarki. Nastaivaetsya 5 minutes, protsezhivaetsya and divorce polulitrom hot milk. Served in a glass with podstakannikami.

Tea with spices and citrus. Zakipevshey two liters of water with cloves (6 buds) fill 10 teaspoons zavarki. After 5 mins add sugar (100 g) and razmeshivaetsya until completely dissolved. At tea poured 2 / 3 cup orange juice and juice of 2 lemons. The drink is heated on low heat and protsezhivaetsya. Served hot.

Tea with syrup. In a strong cup of hot tea dolivaetsya 1 / 4 of any, but sure - the heated syrup. Better use of apricot, pear, raspberry, chernosmorodinovy.

Tea is shotlandski. Glass of milk is diluted by the same amount of water brought to a boil and poured the hot pot with 3 teaspoons of dried black tea. Nastaivaetsya 6-7 minutes. Sugar is added to taste.

Tea lemonade. In the glass is mixed 20 g of honey and one teaspoon ezhevichnogo and lemon syrup. Added slice of lemon. All well nastoyannym filled with hot tea.

Tea cocktails

Vitamin tea. Six teaspoons zavarki cast polulitrom boiling water, tea nastaivaetsya within 5 minutes, protsezhivaetsya, cool and connected with an equal number of chernosmorodinovogo juice. The resulting "concentrate" is spilled on the glasses and diluted by a third or half of mineral water. Sugar is put to taste.

Strawberry tea. In a glass of strawberry syrup (5 table spoons), and milk (3 tablespoons) poured strong nesladky tea. Served chilled seriously.

Kofeyno-raspberry tea. The high glass at the 2 / 3 filled with ice tolchenym food, join him in coffee (4 teaspoons) and crimson (2 tablespoons), syrups, nesladkogo half a cup of strong tea. On top of putting whipped cream (2 tablespoons).

Lemon tea. Chilled strong tea overflows in chatty. Two or three thin slices of lemon cut and fall in tea is not less than an hour. Drunk without sugar.

Honey tea. In a big dish mixed cold strong tea, milk and honey from the calculation: for a glass of tea - and 30 g of the other two components. Served with ice.

Mint tea. Strong hot tea, zavarennym a rate of 2 teaspoons to a portion, filled mint leaves and dried peel of one lemon. Ostyvshy cocktail protsezhivaetsya. Served with ice and mint leaves. Sugar is added to taste.

Walnut tea. In a glass of cold tea is poured in 30 g of walnut syrup and 20 grams of cold kipyachenogo milk. All razmeshivaetsya.

Peach tea. A mixture of 5 table spoons of peach syrup and 2 table spoons of milk poured nesladkim strong tea (150 g) and cooled.

Flip. In the glass thoroughly mixed a raw egg yolk, lemon juice (tablespoon), rum (tbs). All divorces sex cold glass of strong tea, and then dolivaetsya milk.

Normally, flip preparing for a big dish, at 10-15. Served with ice.

Tea with rum. Four slices of lemon cut each into four parts, podslaschennoy filled with cold water and frozen in the refrigerator. In the dish with two glasses of strong tea dissolves 100 grams of sugar, added glass Roma. Chilled bottled drink four glasses, placed in each of 4 cubes of ice from frozen slices of lemon, add half a cup of aerated drink.

Tea with shipovnikom. Broth fruits hips, prokipevshy 3 - 4 minutes, protsezhivaetsya and mixed with an equal quantity of hot tea. Added sugar and honey - to taste. Served well chilled.

Tea with apples. Apples 0.5 kg) are exempt from the heart, cut into thin slices and placed in a pot emalirovannuyu. Added the juice of two lemons and a bit natertoy peel. All zasypaetsya sugar (2 cups) and is filled with cold, fresh, very strong tea (2.5 cups). Pot lid is closed and brought to the cold at 6 pm

Tea-cup of fruit. Half a kilo of any fruit sprinkled with sugar (100 g), they added finely diced apple and orange, all filled with juice of two lemons and a quarter liter of apple juice, covered and put in half an hour in the refrigerator. Before serving at the table in assorted poured liter of strong fresh tea, a bottle of carbonated water (or mineral), a glass of apple juice.

Tea cup with champagne. Two orange, cut thin slices and filled half a glass of sugar. Added 50 grams of cognac or rum. All filled with 1 liter of cold strong tea, and immediately before serving on the table - champagne (1 bottle).

Tea cup "Children." A previous similar, but without romu, but instead of champagne is sparkling water.

Blueberry tea. Three teaspoons zavarki and 5 leaves of mint filled 3 glasses of boiling water. After 8-10 minutes. Tea protsezhivaetsya, it dissolves 5 table spoons of sugar. A chernichnoe puree: 3 cups berries protiraetsya through a sieve. Ostyvshy tea is poured into mashed potatoes. Cocktail razmeshivaetsya. Drunk heavily chilled.,

Berry tea. Two cups of tea are well zavarennogo protsezhivayutsya, it dissolves 150 grams of sugar. Refrigerated tea is connected with the juice prepared from the berries in proportion: 2 cup currants (red or black) - 2 cup other berries (better - strawberry or raspberry). Served with ice.

Berry tea with mineral water. A previous similar, but the same number zavarki poured boiling water reduced by half, but finished with a mixture of juice before serving at the table added a glass of mineral water.

Ice reduces the concentration of tea. Therefore, for cocktails tea sealed doubled three times stronger against the usual.