/ Beginning of the XIX century

Beginning of the XIX century

For the beginning of the XIX century is characterized by such styles: egg-shaped with a loop-shaped handles, "Empire," "crater" that resembles an ancient Greek vessel, a vase with concave ovals look particularly solemn because of the legs in the form of lions' paws. Everything was subordinated to that time, the prevailing style, which is characteristic of arts and crafts at the beginning of the XIX century.

Egg-shaped samovar. Brass. Early 19th cent.

Apart from the usual road of samovars were produced. Removable legs fastened in grooves. Shape - rectangle, cube, polyhedron. Such samovars are convenient for transportation, in the field, picnic area.

Travelling samovar. Copper. Early 19th cent..

Vase-shaped samovar. Copper. Early 19th cent.

Samovar in empire-style. Brass. Early 19th cent.

Vase-shaped samovar "Scythos". Brass. Early 19th cent.