/ Prices of Tula samovars

Prices of Tula samovars

Electric samovars
Samovar on wood
Combined samovars

Combined samovar 5 l

Price: $ 515

Exclusive samovars
Antique samovars

Samovar "Vase" tombac

Price: $ 1,654

Shot with pigtails 7 l

Price: $ 1,569

Samovar "Glass" 8 l

Price: $ 1,337

Samovar antique 7 l

Price: $ 524

Lisitsyn Samovar

Price: $ 4,300


tray gold

Price: $ 50

Kettle silver

Price: $ 35

Sugar bowl silver

Price: $ 33

Sugar bowl

Price: $ 33


Price: $ 35

The Tula factory "Stamp" produces samovars for the last 100 years and optimized the work process to reduce costs. We offer samovars at the manufacturer's price: standard models are available to almost everyone.

What determines the price of a samovar?

  • From the material of manufacture. Brass products are somewhat cheaper than copper.
  • From volume. Models of large capacity are more expensive.
  • From completeness. The more items in the set (samovar, kettle, tray, sugar bowl), the higher its value.
  • From the decor. The price of a samovar with a hand-painted is higher than that of a nickel-plated one, as the process of decorating the case is more laborious.

The affordable price of a Tula samovar makes it a wonderful gift for any holiday!

We offer not only new standard models, but also products with a history: antique, made in the XIX-XX century, and exclusive, released in limited edition. Their cost is determined individually.