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When will the samovar be ready, if it is not available and need to wait for the order?
The mark "under the order" means that your masters will need to make the goods you like first, and then send them to you. We offer products from the manufacturer, and do not outbid the finished ones. The time it takes for craftsmen to make is from 5 to 15 working days. A more accurate date will tell our manager. It will depend on the volume of your order (number of pieces) and the technological complexity of the selected model.
I want to buy a samovar as a gift for an important date. Can you deliver it tomorrow to another city?

Transportation of our goods to the buyer is carried out by third-party organizations - courier services. Unfortunately, they do not make express delivery to other cities. It is simply impossible to transport products to many remote regions of Russia in a day, even by plane.

Delivery is carried out from 2 days. More specific time frames depend on your area of residence.


Do you provide a warranty on the goods?
All the products presented on our website, with the exception of antique samovars, are manufactured in the factory at "Stamp", famous for its history. Here, samovars are subject to quality control and strict production control, so the percentage of marriage in them is reduced to statistical error. The plant offers a warranty on its line up to 3 years depending on the model and method of its manufacture.
Do you sell new or restored samovars?

Our catalog contains a line of new products based on the traditional forms of Tula masters.

If you have your own samovar, inherited, you will be interested to get acquainted with the section Restoration. This is a separate area of ​​our work – masters with great experience will restore the aesthetic and working properties of products that are dear to you and your loved ones.

What material are samovars made of?

Topical issue. Industrialists today are trying to reduce the cost of production. Turkish models are often made of metal alloys with different compositions. And the Chinese are even made from plastic! But the idea of our website is to preserve the traditions of Russian tea drinking. Ancient samovars have long been made of brass. We follow this approach, although it is not cheap.

Brass is called "eternal" material for its ability to serve more than 50-80 years. It does not wash out the metal particles during boiling and do not get inside the body. It is eco-friendly, safe for health, keeps the taste properties of tea unchanged. And the very surface that comes into contact with water, we cover food tinning.

What types of samovars can you buy?

According to the method of water heating in the catalog there are 3 main varieties: electric, heat (on coal and wood), combined.

In form relevant model "vase", "acorn", "bank", "glass", "tulip", "oval", "pear" and others.

There are intricate fantasy stylizations for tavern samovars, balls with roosters, in the form of watermelons, modern soccer balls, etc.

Special positions are occupied by original antique samovars, replicas of famous ancient samples, Souvenirs, and of course, exclusive, made to order. From the point of view of decoration the separate positions and sets with a painting under Gzhel, Khokhloma, patterns "Paradise Apple", Zhostovo and others are presented.

Is the painting on samovars heat-resistant? Or is it used only in decorative models?

In the tradition of Russian production to make products that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also fulfill their direct function – to boil water. Therefore, the ancient heritage of the samovar industry allows you to make paintings that can withstand all the necessary temperature loads. And modern methods of application and fixing of the pattern adds its contribution to the longevity and durability of the decor.

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