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Samovar Vladimir Safonov design

Samovar vladimir safonov design

Vladimir Safonov, unknown to a wider audience, possessed extrasensory abilities (scientific evidence) and was very versatile person. He was also a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a fan of cycling. In his book "The 10 letters Robinson" (1983), he describes a homemade samovar own design, accompanied him in a cycling trip to central Russia. This device has a rectangular shape of the body, for ease of transport it to the trunk of a bicycle.

The pipe is located in the middle for kindling, and the volume samovaradelilsya metal partition into two compartments located on either side of the tube, respectively. In the opinion of the designer is one of the compartments was used to boil water intended for tea, and the second section - for cooking soup or porridge.

At the beginning of the journey compartments can be used to store food reserves necessary for the preparation of soup and tea. Crane equipped with a compartment for water only. To make soup or water is flowed into the adjacent compartment in the process of heating, they have been flooded a few inches below the septum.

The main body of the samovar had a curved handle for easy carrying and retractable legs to set the samovar on the ground. Chimney is made retractable.

On top of it can be installed as required removable burner for cooking on a camp skillet and warm cans of canned food. Fuel for a samovar is easy to find in the forest - it is a dry fallen trees and bumps. Carried out a pencil thin kindling sticks.

Vladimir Safonov samovar created this out of love for nature. He wanted the kind of forest residues did not spoil the tour bon-fires, and dreaming about the mass production of their offspring.

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