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The device of the samovar

Many landlords preferred a way of riding "for long", that is, horses were not hired, but used their own. With such a ride equipped with a whole baggage, loaded with a lot of things, food, horse food. In cumbersome road carriages, a variety of devices were provided for the transportation of provisions and kitchen utensils. A special large box was assigned for grilling supplies. For the tea and cutlery, a cellar was made. Everything was there: plates for the table, knives, forks, spoons, table and tea, cups and teapots, pepper, mustard, salt, vinegar, tea, sugar, napkins and so on. The cellars and smaller ones were made, in the form of a small casket, in which was placed a glass and two wooden boxes for tea and sugar. In addition to the cellar, there was a box for a traveling folding samovar, unlike an electric samovar. For the convenience of transportation, samovars were often made in the form of a box or a rectangular box with cut corners. Rarely they had a cylindrical shape. The legs were always removable. They were reinforced in special grooves or simply screwed with screws. The pens were simple, hinged, tightly fitting to the body, even in expensive, with a rich harvest of samovars. When the samovar was inactive, metal boxes and a flask fit tightly into its tank. Some road samovars were arranged in such a way that inside one samovar corps one could not only boil water, but also make tea, not like an electric samovar. The wall divided the body of the samovar into two parts, and each compartment had its own separate tap. In road conditions, samovars and kitchens were also used. Tulovo was divided into several compartments by partitions, the compartment for boiling water was supplied with a crane. Each compartment had its own lid and another common, for the whole samovar, it could also be used as a bowl. To this samovar was attached also a scoop. The dishes are very simple, porridge or soup, for a long time they did not cool down, because the hot coals inside the frying pan kept them hot.

Samovar-coffee pots

Almost simultaneously with tea in Russia, they began to drink coffee, which for a long time constituted a serious competition. Coffee beans were expensive in those days, so only a very wealthy people, usually city dwellers, could afford a noble drink. There was a special type of samovar-coffee pot - a small device with an alcohol lamp or a drawer for coals. In the first quarter of the 19th century, the utilitarian essence of the coffee pot was often deliberately masked. Capital samovarschiki gave him the appearance of a column with flutes or a cylinder on a square pedestal. The crane and handles were made in the form of lion's muzzles.

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