/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

For example, in the archive a document is kept: "A petition to the Minister of Trade and Industry from a group of owners of samovar factories in the city of Tula was posted by: B.Batashev, Br. Aleksey and Ivan Batalov, Shemarin, Vorontsov, and several other firms," where they Say that Tula is famous for its samovar production, in this field they established themselves a solid reputation in Russia and abroad, but this fame was not without difficulty, but was the result of the expenditure of large material resources, the mass of energy and knowledge. In particular, the Batashevs' name became popular among buyers. This was taken into account by unscrupulous samovar producers and hired the exploitation of this surname by organizing several sections of samovar enterprises in Tula under the fictitious Batashevs.

Since 1911-1916 years. The heirs of VS Batashev build a two-story stone building on Vozdvizhenskaya Street (now Revolution) /. Today it is under state protection, since it is an architectural monument of the early nineteenth XX century.

On December 4, 1918, the former factory of V.Batashev's heirs was nationalized and handed over to the Trust of the processing industry.
K.I. Samartseva. Candidate of Historical Sciences


In the spring of 1898 the peasants of a number of the province, including Tula, were starving. The local authorities, in all ways, prevented charitable public assistance to peasant families from spreading widely, hiding the hunger-stricken people in the Tula region. "In the Chern district," Tolstoy wrote, "the police authorities, after arriving in the village where the canteens were located, forbade peasants to go to their dinners And supper, for the same replenishment, those tables on which they had dinner, broke down and quietly left ... ".

Outraged by the arbitrariness of the authorities, Leo Tolstoy wrote his famous article "hunger or not hunger?", Which was published in the newspaper "Rus" on July 2 and 3, 1898. Earlier in the central press there were letters about the famine of Count VA .Bobrinokogo, which for today are almost forgotten.

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