/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

The administration, in order to prevent a strike, went to a series of concessions. And the local gendarmerie was interested in peacefully extinguishing the flames of discontent among the workers, since these discontent served as a good ground for the revolutionary agitation of the Social Democrats.

By its concessions the administration of the plant had in mind to influence the moderate part of the workers, which it achieved. For the lentil soup of small gratuities were sold then the interests of the whole of the working mass.

The workers were still inexperienced and did not realize the whole difficulty of the struggle against capital, and even some of them did not understand the very necessity of this struggle.

But the working movement on Patronnoye did not stop.

In April 1904 a small strike broke out-shabrovshchiki from the Brass Factory (in the number of 58 people), in connection with the reduction of prices (instead of 20 kopecks they were paid 10 kopecks). Shabrovshchiki demanded to increase the prices.

On the same day (April 7), in the evening, they were given settlement books. Of the 58 people who went on strike, only 47 left the factory, not agreeing to work at the same rates, the rest 11 people were drifted and left to work. There was a conflict between the shabers: the settlers threatened to beat and hinder the work of the remaining comrades at the plant.

In the same year, 1904, samovarschiki (on Batashev's factory) went on strike. The organizer of this strike, as in 1903, was Pyotr Afanasyev.

In connection with this strike, 12 active samovars were arrested and were released on condition that they be liquidated at the factory strike.

Then were arrested: Afanasyev (died), Logninov (died), Le Havre. Semenov (died), Koreshkov (died), Pavel Maslov (and now works in the factory), Ivan Sundukov (died) and others.

In the end, the samovars were forced to work.

The results of this strike were: the administration began to treat the workers politely and be more attentive to the needs, labor and organization began to inspire the administration some respect.

It should be noted one more strike, which was no longer in Tula, but in the Aleksinsky district.

The Aleksinsky strike arose on October 4, 1904 in the quarries of Gulmina and Co. (with Vydumki, Koshkinskaya vol.).

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