/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

Owners of the quarry took a large supply to the Moscow District Railway (urgently to deliver there the stone), a slowdown in the delivery of the stone was threatened with a large forfeit for Owners of the quarry.

Taking advantage of such circumstances, the rovers, including 72 people, quit their jobs and demanded that the prices be elevated and approved by a mining engineer.

Other workers, sawmillers, stonemasons, blacksmiths, etc., did not support the rovers. The latter for the participation in the strike, which lasted two days, were calculated.

The strike on the quarry is very interesting.

Its instigators were peasants from different localities of the Tula province, who had previously worked in the mines in the Donbas, and so on.

They were the conductors of proletarian methods of struggle for the semi-peasant and peasant masses.

In 1905, he found a working Tula on overcrowding lom: indifference to the class struggle of the Tula people in 1905 disappeared, but they are still active in the whole avalanche Did not act.

As we saw, in 1904 almost all the time there were strikes or attempts to strike.

True, the strikes were small, but this does not mean that they are; The role was invisible, that they did not represent any formidable phenomena from themselves.

When a fire arises in the house, then first the flame is not visible, but smoke and small tongues of fire appear, but under them a whole fiery storm rages, which soon breaks out!

The strikes of 1903-1904. Signaled a revolution.

And the revolution itself began in 1905.

The first strike in Tula in 1905 was started by workers of the Bai-Tsurov plant in the amount of 500 people (the official name of the plant is the Tula Workshops of the Anonymous Joint Stock Company, were located where the new Weapons Factory is now)

The strike began on January 8.

After noon, the mechanical shop stopped working and made other workshops do the same.

The workers demanded a 10-hour working day.

On the day of the strike, leaflets proclaimed by the Tula Committee of the RSDLP were circulated at the Byitsurovsky factory with demands that the strikers of the Byzants had to expose. From here we conclude that the Baytsurov strike was organized by the Tula Bolsheviks, then still called Social Democrats.

No concessions were made to the strikers by the administration.

On January 11, all workers were calculated, the strike ceased, and a set of workers was announced again.

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