/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

Chronicle of the Tula events for 1917.

Organization of the Tula Council of Workers' Deputies, the first legal meeting (constituent) of the Tula organization RSDRP (united) in the governor's house.

The split in the Tula organization RSDRP (united). The beginning of the legal organization of the Bolsheviks was initiated. The first committee composed of: Kaminsky, Kolesnikov, Veprintsev, Shurdukov (died), V. Mikheyev (died), Sorokin and Prokudin (in the house of the Nobility Assembly). The Tula Council of Peasants' Deputies expressed distrust to Prince Lvov and spoke in favor of seizing lands before the Constituent Assembly. The unrest in the 31st regiment under the direction of Ensign Uporov. Dispersal of the regimental committee. At times you have issued an appeal "to all working people of Russia" of Bolshevik content.

Eviction of Bolsheviks from the premises b. police (Next to the New Theater).

The commotion of the soldiers' committee. Soldiers demand that Bolshevik soldiers sent to the front be left in Tula.

Elections to the City Duma. The Bolsheviks got the third place.

Statement of the Bolshevik faction in the City Duma! With a protest against the death penalty. In connection with the Kornilov revolt in Tula, the Committee for the salvation of the gains of the revolution is organized (by the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries). Tula was declared martial law. Kaminsky's speech in Gor. To the Duma. He calls for action, and not only to protest, calls the resolution of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. And the Mensheviks are idiotic. Comrade. Kaminsky was stripped of his word. As a token of protest, the Bolshevik faction left the City Duma. The agrarian movement is expanding. The food crisis is increasing. Strike on the railroad.

The origin of the Tula Red Guard was laid. Lips. Commissar Sovetinov (Menshevik) in Ephraim, Bogorodntsi, Epifan and Venevsky counties sent Cossacks to suppress peasant unrest.

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