For many months in 1918 and 1919, Izhevsk with its arms factory were in the hands of the White Guards. The Sestroretsk factory of rifles located in the evacuation did not produce. Lugansk cartridge factory was first occupied by the Germans, and then - by Denikin. Petrograd cartridge - in the evacuation. The capacity of the Simbirsk plant for the production of ammunition for small arms was small. Thus, the main responsibility for supplying the republic with weapons and ammunition lay on the Tula proletariat. And machine guns in general were produced only in Tula.

On October 5, 1919, the Pravda newspaper wrote: "Our Red Army keeps on the Tula arms and ammunition factories." On October 20, in a letter to GN Kaminsky, D. P. Oskin, V. I. Mezhlauk, Vladimir Ilyich, Lenin emphasizes: "The significance of Tula is now extremely important - and indeed, even regardless of the proximity of the enemy, Tula's importance for the Republic is enormous."
In addition, 170,000 rifles were repaired here. The chamberwork produced cartridges almost four times as large. Tula factories also made drafts for cavalry, cannon shells, three-line field shrapnel, art supplies, aiming machines, etc.
During all the years of civil war and intervention, the Tula people gave the front more than 667,000 rifles, more than 15,000 machine guns, 531 million cartridges.
And exactly one year later, on October 20, 1920, in a letter to the Tula comrades, Lenin wrote again: "... for Tula, in view of its weapons and ammunition factories, it may very well be that for a certain time and after the victory over Wrangel will remain the primary The task of completing the work on the production of rifles and cartridges, because the army must be prepared by spring. " And the Tula did not let the Republic down.
1918 year. Tula gave the Red Army 150 803 rifles, 48,870 revolvers, 4620 machine guns, 66,558,000 cartridges, a large number of cartridge cases.
1919 year. The Arms Plant increased production of rifles by 92 percent, revolvers by 56 and machine guns by 57 percent.
The ammunition is given the highest. In April 1921 the All-Russia Central Executive Committee of the RSFSR awarded the Tula arms and ammunition factories with the first orders of the Red Banner of Labor of the RSFSR in the Republic.
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