But not only the arsenal of the young Soviet Republic was Tula. Tens of thousands of Tula during the Civil War and foreign intervention with weapons in their hands defended Soviet power on all fronts. Mobilization tasks were successfully carried out in the city and the province, large military units and formations were formed, and in 1919, when Denikin's troops captured the Tsaritsyn, Don region, Donbass, Crimea, part of Ukraine, in the first half of July, they approached from the south to the central regions of the Republic, And the party threw the cry "All to fight Denikin!", Tula, as many times in its history, was on the front line of defense.

On July 22 the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic decided: ".... Tulu turn into a fortified region on the rights of a second-class fortress. " On August 23, in connection with the breakthrough of Mamontov's cavalry, the Central Committee of the RCP (B.) Sent a telegram to mobilize the Communists and all working people to fight against it. In Tula province martial law was introduced. In a few days, mobilization was carried out, strict protection of military facilities, stations, railways and bridges was organized. Detachments of Tula communists and Komsomol members opposed Mamontov. The high morale of the troops of the garrison, parts of special purpose, showed the military parade held in Tula on September 2. He was received by the Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee M.I. Kalinin, who on the same day participated in the meeting of the Provincial Committee and approved measures for the defense of the city.
Faced on the southern borders of the Tula province, not far from the district town of Yefremov, to resolutely repel the Red Army units and communist detachments covering the way to Tula and Moscow, Mamontov's corps left in the direction of Kastornaya to join the Denikin army.
On October 5, 1919, the Pravda newspaper wrote: "Our Red Army keeps on the Tula arms and ammunition factories." On October 20, in a letter to GN Kaminsky, D. P. Oskin, V. I. Mezhlauk, Vladimir Ilyich, Lenin emphasizes: "The significance of Tula is now extremely important - and indeed, even regardless of the proximity of the enemy, Tula's importance for the Republic is enormous."
In addition, 170,000 rifles were repaired here. The chamberwork produced cartridges almost four times as large. Tula factories also made drafts for cavalry, cannon shells, three-line field shrapnel, art supplies, aiming machines, etc.
The party threw the cry "All to fight Denikin!", Tula, as many times in its history, was on the front line of defense.
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