On July 22 the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic decided: ".... Tulu turn into a fortified region on the rights of a second-class fortress. " On August 23, in connection with the breakthrough of Mamontov's cavalry, the Central Committee of the RCP (B.) Sent a telegram to mobilize the Communists and all working people to fight against it. In Tula province martial law was introduced. In a few days, mobilization was carried out, strict protection of military facilities, stations, railways and bridges was organized. Detachments of Tula communists and Komsomol members opposed Mamontov. The high morale of the troops of the garrison, parts of special purpose, showed the military parade held in Tula on September 2. He was received by the Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee M.I. Kalinin, who on the same day participated in the meeting of the Provincial Committee and approved measures for the defense of the city.

Faced on the southern borders of the Tula province, not far from the district town of Yefremov, to resolutely repel the Red Army units and communist detachments covering the way to Tula and Moscow, Mamontov's corps left in the direction of Kastornaya to join the Denikin army.
But this was only the first attempt at an offensive against Moscow. In mid-September 1919 Denikin launched a new offensive with all his strength. A month later they were occupied by Orel and Novosil (Tula province), on October 15 the Central Committee of the RCP (B.) Ruled: "Tula, Moscow and the approaches to them do not hand over and prepare for the winter a general offensive." A special commission was set up to organize the defense of Moscow and Tula, headed by V. I. Lenin. At the direction of Vladimir Ilyich, MI Kalinin comes second time to Tula and also AV Lunacharsky to provide immediate assistance in defense work. A tremendous role in mobilizing all forces and reserves was played by Lenin's letter received these days with his winged words about the significance of Tula for the Soviet Republic. In response letter VI. To Lenin, the sponge of the RCP (B.) Assured that every Tula communist is fully aware of the responsibility for defense.
The Council of Defense of the Republic created a powerful Tula reserve group of troops, which directly subordinated to the commander of the SS. Kamenev. A whole series of large sections formed in the Tula region, thousands of Tula entered the communist and professional battalions, into the partisan workers regiment. Tula girded the lines of trenches, fences.
She was ready to face the enemy with dignity. The fighting spirit of the Red Army soldiers of the Tula garrison was vividly conveyed in his memoirs by A. Lunacharsky, speaking at the meetings in the Tula fortified area in October 1919: "When I left the Red Army, I always had the same impression: the banner of the revolution is held unusually simply, Confidently and ironically, strong thousands of large, popular, slightly clumsy, strikingly calm and strong hands. "
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