The years of the restoration of the national economy, the first five-year plans were also years of enormous growth in education, culture, and public health. It was then that illiteracy was eradicated forever, hundreds of schools, technical schools and colleges, higher educational institutions were built.

The museum business is developing. June 10, 1921 MI Kalinin signed a decree on the nationalization of Yasnaya Polyana and its transformation into a state museum-reserve. Since 1920, the museum, created earlier by the artist V. D. Polenov, was regularly visited by tourists. VD Polenov himself said: "The revolution helped me realize my long-standing dream of opening the doors of my house to the people." Even earlier, in November 1919, an art historical museum was established in Tula.
"Yasnaya Polyana", "Polenov Art Museum, Local History Museum - with history, work and their collections is useful! On pages 110-133, / 248-261, 284-285. Confidently and firmly entered the country, and with it the Tula, in the third five-year plan. And who knows what the heights the national economy has achieved, peacefully working on the fulfillment of its plans. But this was not meant to come true. The air was more and more smelled of a thunderstorm. On the margins of Europe, a second world war broke out. Its fire was approaching closer to the borders of the Soviet Union. The restructuring of the national economy that was taking place in the country, taking into account the ever-increasing danger of an attack by the imperialist forces, first of all touched Tula as a center for the production of weapons.
The tasks of the Tula Party organization in the face of the growing threat of war were discussed at the Third Regional Conference of the CPSU (B.) In March 1940.
Not only in the economy, but in the whole life of the city, the results of preparations for repulsing possible aggression became visible. Military training of the party activists was introduced, the study of military affairs, especially by young people, became idespread.
It was 1941. The year of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the year of the heroic defense of Tula, the year of the first victories of the Red Army and the Soviet people, including the walls of the ancient Tula Kremlin. Once again its history, Tula had to become an arsenal and shield of the Motherland.