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Laura Williams , Novi, Michigan, USA 11.07.2017
If I order a 220 V samovar, can I use a U.S. converter to make it 110 V?  Will it be safe to use with the samovar?  Thank you.

Ответ представителя магазина:

We have samovars, which are made on standard 110 volts. Please send the link of the samovar that you are interested in. Thank you!
Voronin Mikhail , Israel 17.01.2017

I really want a wood-burning samovar, but how to deliver it to Israel?

The answer of the representative of the store:

It's very simple, just send us a request or write a letter indicating the shipping address!

Alex , Penza 12.09.2016
Was non-functional samovar, leaking at the base of the flame tube. After treatment in Tula-samovar aforesaid had been repaired, but not just as efficiently and on time, as agreed. The work is worth it. Thank you!
Abil , Chistopol 16.06.2016

I live in Tatarstan.. how can I deliver you a samovar for restoration?

The answer of the representative of the store:

You can deliver the samovar for restoration via transport company, through the post office or bring in person. For more information you can get, if you write via the feedback form. Thank you!

Oleg , Moscow 29.05.2015

Hello! Today I received a refurbished samovar. Indeed, the work is done professionally and at the highest level, for which you thank You. Think back in 1902, when the samovar is out of the hands of the master, he was no better. When you look at Your work, you know that yourself or anything similar will not do. THANKS FOR THE WORK. definitely money and time is not on the wind, it's worth it. This samovar, a family heirloom, and it should be in every Russian family.

Taisiya , New York 24.10.2014

Thank you for the beautiful site - very interesting and useful informations, I was particularly interested in the history and traditions. I love the tea itself is grown and SUSU grass, besides I'm a Potter and love to do different clay teapots and sugar bowls - tea is my thing. You only have to buy a samovar. I live in the US, and then the voltage is not 220 and 110 volts. Is it possible to make such a samovar? I think that I'm not the first to call you with this question... Or just have to look at the pictures on your website, and sigh...

The answer of the representative of the store:

We have an open line of production of samovars on 110 volts, we will contact you to select your favorite samovar and its delivery. Thank you!

Anna , Moskva 15.08.2013

Thanks BOOOOOOOOOO Tula-samovar. Ordered the "Strawberry" Thing is just great, just pleasing to the eye!!! And kaaaaaay tea is delicious!!!!!! Definitely will order another. THANK you!!!

Gennady , Voronezh 20.12.2012

Long wanted to buy instead electric kettle samovar. And here all as on selection - handsome! It's hard to even choose! But it was dealt with :) I Bought a brass "acorn" to 3 liters. Now, the process of drinking tea brings a lot more fun, and, hence, more health benefits! At a friend's birthday soon, I think the samovar is a great gift :)`

Olga , Novgorod The Great 28.05.2012

Thank you very much for a wonderful website with a huge selection of samovars on any taste and color.I could not choose (eyes razbegalis), and bought it.Now I'm in the kitchen a cozy and pleasant atmosphere,and for tea all the neighbors come running. Thank you!!!

Alexander , Moscow 23.03.2011

I will say this – for me personally it was a surprise to meet a range of products on Your site, and when a friend made the first order – even more surprised, because what we ordered very quickly delivered! Alright, now about the Khokhloma) we Liked very much samovars with this painting, such at this price in Moscow is not to get at "the benches". And therefore appealed to you, and don't regret at all! Thank you very much! Good luck!

Sergey , Moscow 05.09.2010

Always dreamed of that thing, which will complement the Russian interior my patio. Yes, I bought copper and brass marching samovar. When I show how it works in the right atmosphere, where we are going with friends then I want a new samovar. Indeed, in our time, this original and Patriotic. The tea party simply unforgettable, as it reveals its full taste. That there is this China ? They will envy! In addition, my samovar decorates a room like nothing else!

Kirill , Moscow 04.06.2010

A good shop... Never regarded the samovar as a tool for the tea party, more some decoration, only for flavor. For this and bought myself, to the country. Acquired "Glass", as I like things made of metal, in my opinion very stylish look:)) I liked the purchase! And drink tea from a samovar very nice, much nicer than the usual kettle:)) special thanks to the store, fast delivery, no problems with payment for WebMoney.

Catherine , Sochi 13.03.2010

Great website, you can find a lot of useful and beautiful things. For the time that I'm here, I learnt lots of new(especially liked the drink recipes), something much easier to work with. I want to thank the creators of the site for the great work. The idea is brilliant, implementation is great. For me, this site one big advantage: it helps to choose a useful product - saves money and time, accumulates a lot of important and necessary tips

Angela , Moscow, Russia 20.06.2009

the class is a beautiful samovar. how now can make our family tea ceremony. once my parents had a samovar (though not so elegant), made the order, good delivery excellent.

Dmitry , Moscow 29.07.2008

Hello! By visiting this site I have completely changed my view about the samovar had only seen my grandmother a samovar and so always and provided, on the website I found many different samovars! And very pleasing to the eye design of the site, as many sites are doing posredstvom copy of the design, the same website shows that it is unique! And yet, compared prices with two sites of similar themes and saw that the price here for a lot less!

Peter , Vancouver 06.03.2008

I would suggest to add a description of predmeta as when looking immediately in the catalog to view more information about it but in General the website is simple and easy requires no modification and shopping cart is also convenient

The answer of the representative of the store:

Thanks for the suggestion, added!

Michael , Nizhniy-Novgorod 24.01.2008

The site is good, samovars is beautiful! Love the samovar, my grandmother in the village was right across the street from grandparents to boot. Sorry, not had tea to drink - no one knew how to use it. Now got her samovar 3 liter! Even the tea seems to taste better from a samovar. Thanks to the administration for such a wonderful website and the prices are low.

Vasilisa , Moscow 03.08.2007

The site is very warm, it transmits a lot of positivity and think of days gone by! I think that buyers enough, and they are all satisfied, it is possible to understand the beauty of the site, what relation to the website is and to the buyer! Soon have a couple of beautiful samovars! you the best site in your grown thank you very much!

Victor , Moscow 22.05.2007

Always liked the picture Perov, "Tea drinking in Mytishchi",and just finished building a gazebo near the house,he decided to try what it is actually,just came across the site of Tula-samovar,interested,got to the store,bought combo 2 in 1, brought home, and finally the entire family proceeded to the tea party, just a sense of comfort, of peace, of relaxation, escape from everyday worries and the anticipation of something good that will surely come. In General, the purchase I and the family are very happy to heat with wood have not yet tried, but will do it after the bath. All the same, no wonder our ancestors gave tea traditions is of great importance and great painters do not just reflect these scenes in their works...

Vadik , Moscow 14.12.2006

Very original and well thought out catalogue, prices are normal, bought as a gift for the new year naborchik with a samovar in beautiful colors. Well, a very convenient website!

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