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The device of the samovar

On the top of the wall is put on a circular ring, which serves as a support for the lid. The lid is covered by an antique samovar casing, in the center of the lid there is an opening, equal in diameter to the pipe-frying pan, the lid is, as it were, threaded onto the brazier. In the cover itself, small round holes with a folding lid are often punched. It's a steamy or a sweetie: when the samovar boils, steam is released through it.

A hotplate is put on the lid - a beautifully designed stand for the teapot, which is often placed on top of the samovar. The burner also masks that part of the brazier that rises above the lid. At the top is a small cap-cap. This is a cap - it closes the upper opening of the brazier and stops the burning process in the samovar, as it prevents a constant current of air through the pipe-brazier. For the work of the samovar, the stub must be removed. On the cap-cap and cover there are pens, round wooden cones, they are fastened with the help of small hollow cylinders, put on the screw - podshishek Podshishki fixed with special nuts of conical shape -malines.

The most interesting and technically difficult part is the crane. It consists of several elements, each of which has its name. The tube, for example, is attached to the body with a reaper. This is a special thickening around the faucet for a more reliable connection. The faucet is opened and closed using a spit.

The most beautiful and expressive part of the twist, and the whole crane, is its completion - the handle. It can be of two types: lattice and branch. Under the word "branch" was meant the key (twist) of the samovar tap, designed in the form of a curved or twisted stem retreating to the side. When they said "crane", this meant that the key was crowned with an openwork figure resembling a shamrock.

This design is required for any kind of samovar. Dimensions, volume, shape of the body and other details vary, but all of them are necessary for the work of the heat samovar.

A hot samovar is an antique samovar that uses wood fuel. Charcoal is the best kind of fuel for such a samovar: a small amount of coals gives a strong, even heat. You can heat a samovar and wood chips, churbens, in extreme cases, even pine cones. For good combustion, traction is necessary - constant movement of air through the pipe-brazier. To increase the thrust, as well as to bring out the smoke, if a samovar was heated in a room, a prefabricated samovar pipe is needed.

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