/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

This institution of delegates was established de facto, without official approval and regulation, and on the one hand it was the germ of a trade union, and on the other hand, given the political significance of the existence of these delegates, the breakdown to the organization of the Council of Working Deputies (delegates ), Which in general was not created in Tula in 1905.

January events did not end in January. On February 14, the Cartridge Factory again became agitated. The reason is the failure of the administration of the plant to take on the workers' obligations to the January strike.

So, there was still no cube with boiled water, no warm places were arranged, prices were changed so that the earnings of the workers did not increase anyway, and so on.

On February 14, work in the workshops of the Patron Plant, mainly in the 1st Mechanic, was conducted extremely sluggishly, the workers gathered in groups and discussed the question of a strike.

The proclamations of the Tula Committee of the RSDLP ("To the Workers of the Patron Factory", "Who Is the Traitor"?), were calling for a new strike.

On February 14, 300 people did not work.

To prevent riots, a company of the Korotoyak regiment was called up at the plant and was put up near Ryazhsky railway station, and one battalion was ready for action in the barracks.

A blood bath for the chamber was prepared. Perhaps this, that is, the unwillingness to endanger the lives of thousands of workers, and explains why Patronny on February 14 and 15. did not strike.

The Tula Committee of the RSDLP was, it must be assumed, a general plan of strikes timed for the half of February. Thus, in full connection with the unrest in the Cartridge Plant, there was a strike at the Iron-Rolling Plant (behind the Kursk railway station). "This strike broke out on 16 February.

The strike at the Iron-Rolling Plant is the last surge of the strike January-February surf in Tula. Behind the steep rampart of the labor unrest, the ambitious development of activities that followed the "bloody resurrection" Party, senia, "came the days of increased mobilization working masses for the cause of the revolution.

If we take the report of the Tula organization of the RSDLP (Bolshevik) for three months from January 1 to April 1, 1905, then we see that during this time all editions (proclamations) of 24,230 copies were distributed, and by months the scope of the publishing activity of the Tula Committee is drawn in such a way:

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