/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

In January .......... 2400 copies. Proclamations.
In February ........ 5500 »»
In March ............ 10480 »»

Hence, from month to month in 1905 the revolutionary work intensified, the masses more and more prepared for decisive battles with tsarism.

The work intensified, despite the difficult conditions in which the Tula Committee was then. These conditions are well characterized by V. Bonch-Bruevich in his correspondence, placed in gas. "Forward" *) (No. 13) of April 5 (March 23), 1905

We give it completely:

"Work in Tula can be set very widely. Here there are 80,000 workers, in addition, there are many handicraftsmen, trowels, etc. Some of the workers are quite factory-factory element is very developed. Among them, agitation is very successful, there is an aspiration to organize and, of course, the vanguard of the local movement is also recruited. Some workers have their own houses and gardens. It is much more difficult to deal with these workers. They are less mobile, tied to property, and therefore are afraid to take risks, etc.

There is another type very interesting.

A worker in a factory, at the same time he is a house-owner. He takes weapons and samovar work at home and cruelly exploits workers who have not found work in factories. These workers are very dangerous workers and a conservative element, since every struggle to improve the life of workers hurts them as much money as owners..

Committee work recently went more lively. The old organization of the "fours" was abolished, division into districts was introduced. Connections are rapidly expanding; There are extras in 150-200 people. Thanks to the fact that there are no "societies", although there is any sympathy, there is no ticket office in the Tula, there is not even enough money for equipment, it is necessary to manage the mimeograph so far. Illegal professionals are almost inconceivable in Tula. The Committee can not support them. It is very difficult to find an earner here. The comrades are in great distress and some willy-nilly have to leave in search of daily bread. "

*) "Forward" is a Bolshevik newspaper that appeared before the 3rd Party Congress.

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