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New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

It is understandable that the day of May 1, May 1, 1905, 1905, the day of the international holiday of workers, a holiday of labor and struggle, met with anxiety the dogs of the autocracy and with hope-all friends of freedom.

In Tula, local authorities made all the preparations for the "May Day disturbances".

As reported by the secret police, it was planned to organize a demonstration in the city and a workers' speech was generally scheduled.

By order of the governor, the troops stationed in Tula were put on alert. The troops settled like this:

The Cossacks of the 1st hundred occupied Spasskaya Square (now the area of the Uprising, where the monument to Lenin was laid).

A company of soldiers from the Kremlin, a company from the Petrovsky barracks, a company in the People's House (along the Novo-Pavshinsky, now the Peasants' International, street) and a company in Millionnaya Street (now Oktyabrskaya).

In addition, a patrol of 25 people was on the Tolkuci market.

Tulskaya S.-D. The May Day organization was appointed in the Scheglovka district. May Day was held on Saturday the night of May 1.

According to the gendarmerie's office at the May Day meeting up to 400 workers took part.

The report of the Tula Committee of the RSDLP on May Day, published in Proletary (No. 2), describes May Day:

"The celebration opened with a greeting from the Tula Committee.

A total of 4 speakers took the floor. Poems were recited. The Committee then proposed a resolution that was adopted unanimously. Nikolay Germogenovich Smidovich (brother of the current deputy chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR) arrived in Tula on April 30 to hold the May Day. He was sent to Tula by Moscow.

Directly from the train he got on May Day.

On May 1, on Sunday, rumors of pogroms, about the upcoming beating of Jews and students rushed through the city. On the other hand, they began to say that workers expect news from Moscow-if there are riots there on May 1, they will arrange them and Tula's second March.
To better protect Tula from the possible performance of workers, local authorities made arrests and the day of May 1.

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