/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

10 comrades were arrested *). Of intellectuals:

1) NG Smidovich, brother of PG Smidovich, now non-partisan works in the Chernigov province, as a scientist of a forestry worker.
2) AB Zalmanson, Tula Dentist; In his apartment was often a turnout, now completely departed from the revolutionary movement.
3) NI Druzhinin, nicknamed "Sly".
4) V. M Malkin, after 1905, moved away from the revolution.

Of the workers:

5) VP Kislov, worked at the Patron Plant, had previously been involved in the case of Plakhov and Zorin, and was killed in the Civil War on the Denikin Front.
6) II. M. Saltykov, previously involved in the case of Zorin and Plakhov, now works at the Cartridge Plant.
7) FM Vladimirov.
8) NM Nemtsov, now a member of the board of the Supreme Court.
9) IM Filatov and
10) DG Prokudin, now is in Leningrad. The first of May passed in general calmly.

On May 2, at 7 o'clock in the morning, the workers of the Mechanical and Pulmonary Workshops of the Patron Plant, in the amount of 200 people, stopped working and stated that they would not resume until Nemtsov was released from custody.

The workers pointed out that the arrest of Nemtsov was a revenge against those who were delegates during the January (January 22) strike at the Cartridge Plant

Workers of other workshops did not go on strike.

Katrukhin, the plant's director, went to the governor for talks.

Returning from the governor, he told strikers that Nemtsov's arrest was not due to the January strike, and that the reasons for the arrest were completely different, and they would be reported about them later.

After the negotiations with Katrukhin, the workers began to work.

It must be assumed that this was not the reason why the strike ended, that the workers were "comforted" by Katrukhin, but because the workers of other workshops did not support the strike, either.

Why not supported, it is difficult to say.

Perhaps because the May Day strike was not properly prepared.

*) They were released on May 12, 1905, for lack of formal data for the prosecution.

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