/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

16 November. Sixty enterprises of Zarechye (copper-foundry, samovar) are on strike. The sugar plant Tereshchenko struck up. Total striking workers 5 thousand.

The first agrarian movement in the Bogoroditsky district resumed in December.

10 December. The Tula Province is declared on the status of reinforced protection.

The second pole resumed the agrarian movement in Kashira wine in December, the district. The reason-workers arrived in the countryside for the holidays.

December 30th. Mass searches and dismissals in the workshops of MK. E.

The first stage of the agrarian movement in the Kashirsky district continues in January. 1906.

The second was the agrarian riots in the Tula district.

Wine of January 1906.

October in Tula..

Tula Bolsheviks are a handful. In the Council there are a minority of them. So, in the Council of the first convocation (1917) there are only 221 people.

But this "handful", with the growth of revolutionary events in Tula, expanded its influence on the working masses and grew at the same time quantitatively.

The elections to the city duma (in the summer of 1917) showed that the working masses still believe in the illusion of compromise; In the Duma, the Bolsheviks received an insignificant number of seats.

A turning point in the mood of the masses occurred in the days of the Kornilov revolt. Only in the Bolshevik Party did the Tula workers see real defenders and followers of the revolution.

Bolshevik speakers (Kaminsky and others) are already successful, they are greeted enthusiastically. And the events moved forward with rapid steps. The knife of the revolution cut old life in all directions, in all parts.

The flame of agrarian disturbances grew, the village was left out of the influence of sweet speeches of "democratic organizers of the state." What happened in the fall of 1917 in the Tula village can be called anarchy.

The authorities do not, in the villages and in the county cities, merchants and the clergy were accused.

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