/ New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

The Socialist-Revolutionaries seized on him, without clarifying his past and not having coped with his revolutionary merits and nominated him as deputy provincial commissioner. Woldberg took care of himself, and disappeared

He turned out to be a real crook.

There was complete irresponsibility of democratic power.

Democracy, represented by the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries, was debunking itself every day.

The working masses grew sympathy for the Bolsheviks.

But the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries did not notice the Bolsheviks. They were considered in Tula, at least, "pussy'1, which barking at the" elephant "(for democracy).

Finally, in Petrograd (now Leningrad), the October Revolution took place.

In Tula, upon receipt of this news, a committee of people's struggle against the counter-revolution was created.

The Bolsheviks created their Military-Revolutionary Committee, chaired by Kaminsky.

The Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies spoke then for the Constituent Assembly and against the Council of People's Commissars.

The Bolsheviks decided to wait to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Despite the fact that at that time the Bolsheviks did not possess * power, yet they, having their own armed forces, fulfilled a responsible revolutionary duty.

During the October uprising in Moscow, the Bolsheviks managed to speak (in the literal sense of the word) of the Mensheviks, since they had great weakness on this score, and from their noses they had to take machine guns from the Artillery to Moscow to gain Soviet power.

The Tula Bolsheviks Kaluga helped. There the Cossacks dispersed the Soviet. Thanks to the Tula support, the counter-revolution in Kaluga was destroyed.

Members of the Tula Council began to see little by little, they saw on whose side the revolutionary truth.

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