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New about the manufacturers of Batashevs

Tula masters were ready for this war. On May 9, 1812, five months before the Napoleonic invasion, they assembled in the arsenal courtyard by the whole of society and decided: "... in those days and hours, which are free from factory works, to manufacture weapons beyond the specified time, Animated by zeal for a kind fatherland, will allow. "

Tin, as you can see, clearly demonstrate that the armourers were ready to fulfill their duty to the Motherland.

The value of Tula, symbolized by the arms factory, was so great for Russia's destinies that Napoleon threatened to burn Tula after the capture of Moscow and thereby disarm the country. Therefore, with the advance of the invaders to the capital, it was decided to evacuate it to the Urals, to the Izhevsk plant. However, as a result of the victorious battles of France for the Russian army, the invaders were forced to retreat along the Smolensk road and the specialty for Tula passed.

During the war years, Tula gunsmiths donated 134,502 rifles and 103,241 knives to the arsenals of the Fatherland!

After the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, the necessity of arming the army with shop weapons became obvious. In Russia, many people have been working to solve this problem, the greatest success was achieved by the outstanding designer Sergei Ivanovich Mosin. It was he who became the author of the famous three-linear rifle of the model of 1881, which for a hundred years remained a reliable and tested weapon of the Russian soldier.

A great role was played by Tula weapons during the First World War. She set a huge task for the Russian armourers. It became necessary to produce up to 1 million rifles a year. And nevertheless, by March 1916 the productivity of the factories was brought to 100 thousand rifles a month, a ignificant part of which was done by Tula gunsmiths.

In the years of the Civil War, the role of Tula as an arsenal city was particularly dramatic. In October 1019, part of Denikin captured the Eagle and began to rapidly approach the city of gunsmiths.

It was then that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wrote words that are actual and less. "The significance of Tula is now extremely important - and indeed, even regardless of the proximity of the enemy, the importance of Tula for the Republic is enormous..

It is no coincidence that alongside the Tula cartridges, it was the weaponry for water that was awarded in 1921 with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor - the highest award of that time among the first in the young Soviet country.

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