1898 - a Social Democratic group was formed, which united 10 workers' circles. Workers of the samovar factory A. S. Batashov conducted an economic strike with demands to raise prices, improve working conditions and achieved success.

1899 - a strike at the cartridge factory, involved 3 thousand workers.
1901 - established the Tula Committee of the RSDLP, headed by P. V. Lunacharsky, the brother of A. V. Lunacharsky.
1902 - on the Kursk railway station, there were stormy demonstrations of solidarity with the students who were passing through Tula, who had been sent for riots.
1903 - the letter of the Tula Committee of the RSDLP to the editorial board of Iskra, in which he "warmly welcomes all the initiatives of Iskra aimed at the speedy and final organization of the united Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party." VI Lenin's brother DI Ulyanov and worker SI Stepanov from the Tula organization are directed to the second congress of the RSDLP, where they took firm Iskra positions. VI Lenin called SI Stepanov among those real workers who were "determined supporters of the majority and opponents of intellectual impersonality." Two issues of the illegal newspaper Pravda, edited by PV Lunacharsky, were published, in which the actions of local authorities were exposed, and letters of workers were published.
A special event in 1903 in Tula was the demonstration of a protest prepared by the RSDLP Committee against the massacre of tsarism with participants in revolutionary actions in Rostov. She procured and printed proclamations, one of which was "Sheep and People" written by V. V. Veresaev. A demonstration took place on 14 September. Having built up near the Spasskaya Square on Kaluzhskaya Street (now the Vosstaniya Square and the Demonstration Street of 1903), the demonstrators raised red banners and with slogans "Down with Autocracy", "Long Live Political Freedom", "Long Live Socialism", with the singing of revolutionary songs moved Across the square in the direction of Kievskaya Street. The proclamations that the demonstrators scattered were avidly read and hid by the people.
When they turned to Kievskaya Street, they were blocked by a detachment of policemen. There was a struggle of workers with gendarmes. The demonstrators gave them a united rebuff. Until late evening the city was excited. Patrols rushed through the streets. Arrests were made.
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